Terms and Conditions

Payments and Bookings:

Full payment secures any charter booking. Payment can be made online with debit or credit cards. Bank transfer available on request of banking details.

Cancellations Policy:

Full Refund for cancellations made 24hours or more in advance. Cancellations need to be made via phone call or SMS to the Charter Manager. Email cancellations need to be confirmed by the Charter Manager within 24 hours in order for full refund to be available.

Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will result in no refund being made to client.


Clients should be aware that all charters are weather dependent. Should weather not be suitable for the activity (to the discretion of Ocean Star Sailing Academy), the client will be informed with at least 24 hours notice in order to reschedule. Should the client not be available for a reschedule, they will receive a full refund. The client may also choose to hold a credit with Ocean Star Charters, to be used for a future charter booking.


A licensed skipper will always be present during any charter hire. The client is to respect the skipper, follow any given instructions and obide by rules and regulations that are verbally given by the skipper during the charter. The skipper holds the right to terminate any charter (before or during the charter), should the skipper feel that security and safety is compromised by the uncooperative or negligent behaviour of the client. In the event of a charter termination, no refund (partial or full) will be made to the client.

(a) The client needs to be a minimum age of 18 years to operate watercraft(s)

(b) Children under the age of 18 need to be accompanied by a supervising adult/ parent who takes liability for the child.

(c) Wristband key / kill switch must be worn by operator at all times whilst watercraft(s) is operating

(d) Driver and passengers must all be wearing approved life vests while using the watercraft(s)

(e) The watercraft(s) may not be operated by intoxicated persons or persons taking judgment impairing substances during the hire period

(f) The client will exercise proper care for the security of the watercraft(s) and will do nothing to jeopardize any insurance claims that may arise while the watercraft(s) and equipment is in the Hirer’s care

Damage & Accidents

Should the watercrafts(s) & equipment be involved in an accident or sustain any damage, the client will be held responsible for any payments and repairs. In the case of such an event, the client will complete any insurance forms required by Ocean Star Sailing Academy and will cooperate for any insurance purposes. In the event of any damages made to watercraft due to the clients fault or commission, then it is agreed that the client will reimburse Ocean Star Sailing Academy for the full cost of repairs to the watercraft(s) and for any third party claims made against Ocean Star Sailing Academy.


By making use of Ocean Star Charters you agree to the following:

I hereby indemnify and hold harmless and blameless, Ocean Star Sailing Academy, its owners and employees in respect of any claim of any nature whatsoever brought by myself, my executors, dependants, spouse, child/children, relative(s) or any person who may derive the right to claim in respect to any of the matters herein contained, arising from my being taken aboard a sail or power driven vessel for any activities of any nature whatsoever. Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing general indemnity, the above indemnity includes any claim arising from the use of any facilities extended to me by virtue of my association with Ocean Star Sailing Academy.

I hereby acknowledge that I know, understand, appreciate and accept the risks attendant upon any activity or training and that such risk can involve death or injury, ad in that knowledge and without derogation from the generality of the foregoing general indemnity, I undertake on behalf of myself and my dependants to indemnity, hold harmless and absolve Ocean Star Sailing Academy, its owners and employees against and from each and any claim, of any nature whatsoever, including a claim for costs, by myself, my executors, my spouse, child/children and/or relative(s) taken or being taken for any activity or training under my instruction or for any other reason in any vessel owned by or operated under the direct control of Ocean Star Sailing Academy in any marina or yacht club or whilst myself, my executor, spouse, child/children or relative(s) are on the premises or under the control of Ocean Star Sailing academy, no matter whether the damage or claim was caused by negligence of any of the agents or servants.

I acknowledge that I will be held liable for any damages or losses incurred, while partaking in the activity; whether intentional or not. I agree and acknowledge that I will be responsible for the costs of repairs or replacements. I agree to settle such costs on the same day, directly after the activity.

I acknowledge that I may be liable to pay a deposit for the activity.